May 10th: Meeting Notes

Thanks to all of you who attended the meeting this past Saturday. We got a lot accomplished. Here are the notes for everyone:

1) A raise in dues is effective from July 1st. The new dues structure is:

Weekly: $15
Member: $40
Shelf owner: $60

2) We are only raising money for soda and water

3) Mike D. will look in to the purchase of a lockbox and envelopes for dues– dues should be given to Tony V. or to James G.

4) Peter B will look at PayPal for direct payment in to our account

5) Ashley and Jeff are new members

6) Brian S. formally put his name forward to be considered at our next meeting

7) Kimber is looking for people for our D-Day Game Day starting June 5th– check out the home page and Facebook page for more details

8) Mike D. and Jeff are going to look in to setting up an auction or Flea Market Day for games to raise additional money for the Club

For the next meeting (Target date: August 9th), we need to have elections (for all positions)- we will set these up by ballot.

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