Welcome to the new Metro Wargamers site

The Metropolitan Wargamers occupy a unique corner of NYC.

Located in Park Slope Brooklyn, on part of the site of the Battle of Long Island no less, we are a Club that meets regularly and plays not only historical wargames (both boardgames and miniatures), but Euro Games, Fantasy and Science Fiction as well as role playing games. Our membership is like our community- diverse and coming from all of the corners of the City. Our ranks include members who work in finance, law, publishing, construction and more. We have a fair number of students, hard core gamers and leisure gamers. What unites us all is a love of history, painting miniatures and of course history.

In an age where face to face membership is being tweeted, facebooked and blogged (all tools we use here at the Club), it is reassuring that we all have a haven from the hustle and bustle that is New York City. For the last 20+ years, the Metro Wargamers have provided that haven. Any day of the week one can organize a game, set it up and in many cases- leave it up until completion (or exhaustion). We are only one of a few Clubs in the Nation with dedicated space and dedicated members- our awards from various HMGS Conventions can attest to that.

This website has undergone several overhauls and I am excited by this current incarnation of our URL. A website is a virtual storefront and I hope this storefront helps you to capture our enthusiasm, see our work and decide to come down. I want to give a big thanks to Davin for his work.

Please come on down, pull up a chair, get a coffee and roll some dice, push some lead, play a Wizard or run your empire. If you can’t come in person, enjoy our little corner of the web. I hope to see you on the Slope.


Peter B.

President- Metropolitan Wargamers

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