Constitution and Bylaws of Metropolitan Wargamers, Inc.

I. Nature and Purpose

Metropolitan Wargamers, Inc. (“the Club”) is a nonprofit membership corporation. Its purpose is to establish and operate a social club for the enjoyment of the hobby of miniature military simulations and board games. It is the intention of the membership to organize and operate the Club in such a manner as to qualify for tax-exempt status.

II. Membership

A. Membership Policy
Membership in the Club is open to all persons interested in the wargaming hobby. The Club does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or any other reason.

B. Conditions of Membership
All members consent to be bound by the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of the Club, to pay dues and assessments and to maintain the premises of the Club as directed by the Premises Committee.

C. Classes of Membership
1. Full members pay monthly dues and such assessments as may be imposed by the Executive
Committee from time to time. Full members have the right to serve as Club Officers, to vote on club business, to possess keys to the Club, to use all Club facilities at any time, to nominate new members and to invite guests.
2. Associate members pay weekly dues and may use the Club premises only when one or more full members are on the premises.
3. Probationary members pay monthly dues and such assessments as may be imposed by the
Executive Committee from time to time. They have the same rights as associate members.

D. Admission to Membership
1. Any person nominated to membership by a full member shall be admitted as a probationary member until the next meeting of the Club, but in no event for less than sixty (“60”) days.
2. A probationary member shall become a full member at the first meeting following the probationary period unless a majority of the members vote against admission to full membership.

E. Discipline
1. The Executive Committee may by majority vote impose censure, fines or suspension upon any member found to be in violation of the Constitution, Bylaws or Rules of the Club.
2. The full membership of the Club may expel any member by two-thirds vote at any regular meeting or any special meeting called for that purpose.
3. Any member proposed to be disciplined shall have the right to a hearing before the Executive Committee or the full membership of the club, according to the proposed sanction. The President in either case shall preside over the hearing and shall have sole discretion as to the extent of due process rights to be afforded.

III. Meetings

A. Regular Meetings
The Club shall have four quarterly meetings per year in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

B. Special Meetings
Special meetings may be held at any time agreed by the membership at a regular meeting. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Committee for emergency purposes on proper notice to all

C. Quorum
A quorum shall be a majority of all full members. Written proxies shall not be permitted for any purpose. No business shall be conducted at any meeting unless a quorum is present.

D. Majority Vote
All business shall be carried by a majority of the members present at any meeting, unless otherwise provided by the Constitution and Bylaws.

E. Notice of Meetings
Any meeting not conducted on a date previously set at the last regular meeting shall be held on no less than two weeks written notice to all members.

F. Agenda
All members shall be provided with a written agenda for each meeting at least two weeks in advance.

G. Conduct of Meetings
Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

IV. Officers

A. Election of Officers
Officers shall be elected by a majority of the full members present at the Winter meeting in odd numbered years for a term of two years. Officers may be removed at any meeting by a majority of the full membership of the club – not simply a majority of the members present.

B. President
The President sets the agenda and presides at all meetings. He may not vote on regular business except to break a tie. He may vote for officers. The President by virtue of his office is a director of the Club and the head of the Executive Committee. The President may sign contracts on behalf of the Club along with any other officer.

C. Vice President
The Vice President presides at meetings in the absence of the President and acts on behalf of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary. In the event the President fails to complete his term, the Vice President succeeds to the office of President for the remainder of the  President’s term.

D. Treasurer
The Treasurer is the custodian of the Club’s funds and is responsible for the payment of all recurring bills and collection of dues and assessments. The Treasurer is head of the Finance Committee.

E. Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings and for any correspondence of the Club.

V. Committees

A. Standing Committees

1. Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer and three other persons designated by him. All members of the Finance Committee shall have the power to sign checks for the Club. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for routine expenditures between general meetings of the club.

2. Premises Committee
The Premises Committee consists of a chairperson elected by the membership and such other
members as he shall designate. The Premises Committee is responsible for the cleaning, decoration, security and maintenance of the Club premises, and for distribution of keys to members. The chairperson and members of the Premises Committee shall have the authority to require services of any member present upon the Club premises for these purposes.

3. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Club and the chairpersons of the standing committees. The Executive Committee has the power to set assessments for members and to conduct the business of the Club between general meetings.

VI. Rules and Regulations and Dues

Rules and regulations and dues shall be enacted by a majority of the members at any meeting of the

VII. Amendment

The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds of all full members.

VIII. Dissolution

A. Dissolution
The Club may be dissolved by two-thirds of all the full members.

B. Distribution of Assets
Following a vote to dissolve the Club, the Executive Committee shall wind up the Club’s business. After payment of the Club’s obligations, the Executive Committee shall distribute the Club’s remaining assets to the membership in a manner consistent with applicable laws and the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service governing dissolution of not-for-profit corporations.

IX. Ratification

This Constitution and Bylaws shall be ratified by the vote of two-thirds of all the full members of the Club. Upon ratification, the members voting in favor shall sign this document.